Mažeikiai Polytechnic School (abbreviated - MPM) was founded in 2 October 1976. The official first name of the school was Mažeikiai 50th Secondary Vocational Technical School.

In 1989 the school was reorganized, and the evening polytechnic studies began.  In the same year day polytechnic studies began.

In 2000 the Vieksniai Agricultural School was connected to the school, which became a division of the school.

In 2008 a secondary education program was accredited and a gymnasium department was established.


The vision of the school is a modern vocational training institution, developing alternatives to lifelong learning, developing a responsible, active, creative personality, providing quality general education and vocational training, ensuring its compliance with the needs of the labor market.

Students not only learn, but also participate in various non-formal education activities and student learning companies (MMBs).

Social Partners

Mazeikiai Polytechnics Schools closely cooperates with social partners - Mazeikiai District Municipality, Mazeikiai Entrepreneurs Association, Employment  Service, Mazeikiai division, , Šiauliai Labor Market Training Center, Mažeikiai Tourism and Business Information Center, different business enterprises of Mazeikiai region. 

The school cooperates not only with district, regional, republic vocational and higher schools, but also with foreign partners from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, France, Scotland, Estonia, Latvia.

Staff and school life

The school has 140 employees: 34 of them are general education teachers, 40 are vocational teachers, a socioeducational instructor, a psychologist, and dormitory educators. 

The school has active career coordinators, who inform students about the vocational training programs implemented in the school, the admission procedure, learning conditions, and employment opportunities. Pupils of city and district  secondary schools have the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of individual specialties, teaching equipment, observe and participate in introductory practical training sessions (training workshops) of the chosen specialty.

Students actively participate in various district, regional events, fairs, business achievements exhibitions, national and national professional mastery competitions, where they often win prizes.

The school is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Vocational Education Institutions (LPMA), Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (ŠPPAR).